Pietro Rinaldi lands of life

Pietro Rinaldi Winery was established on the hills of Alba in the Madonna di Como district, in the Langhe, an area with a strong wine-production vocation.

The family has deep roots: on this property the great-grandfather Pietro and grandfather Costanzo have produced Nebbiolo, Barbera and a great Moscato grapes since 1920.

The memory goes to my grandfather Costanzo, a hard worker, his lands, his vineyards, his cellar; this was his world, his reason of life.
Today the Langhe region deeply changed, the hills are recognized as part of UNESCO world heritage.
The new generations are proud of these memories and traditions, with passion and innovation we continue the work passed by the old generations with great dedication through the past and the future.

I remember the jute bags in the cellar used to filter the Moscato, a wine similar to honey, straw-yellow color, sweet and thick
…Then, when it was bottled, sometimes during the night a bottle popped the cork by the high pressure, awaking the family!

Regina Rinaldi

Cantina Pietro Rinaldi