Green Experience

The Green Experience project was born with the aim to protect and preserve the wonderful UNESCO hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

In few years this project has gained a great success among the local wineries, adopting more sustainable methods to cultivate and work the vineyards, such as the green manure and the mating disruption.
According to our company philosophy, the cultivation and vinification processes must be naturally guided by the cellar hand, never forced or manipulated with the use of synthetic products.
The vineyards have all the fundamental elements to produce excellent wines. The only work the man can do is to guide nature to regenerate itself with natural products and to support the local ecosystem and biodiversity that can benefit the growth of healthy and strong vines.
So we believe that a great wine can only come from a great terroir, which should be managed as much uncontaminated as possible.

Adopting this philosophy we decided to follow the 10 Green Experience rules:

  1. Eco-friendly and sustainable viticulture and productions
  2. Protection of biodiversity and of the natural environment
  3. Aesthetic protection of the natural and anthropic landscape
  4. Priorities to agronomic solutions and respect for the soil
  5. Elimination of chemical herbicides between the lines
  6. Sowing of herbal and floral essences in the vineyards
  7. Promoting the population of pollinating insects
  8. Location of nests for birds functional to natural balance
  9. Respect and honesty towards the consumers
  10. Trackability of controls with an external certification.

For us, The Green Experience has been an indispensable and respectful choice towards the environment to guarantee a more sustainable future.