The Production Philosophy

Filosofia produttiva - Cantina Pietro Rinaldi

The vineyards are on the steep slopes, surrounding us…

The Langhe have been known for decedes as one of the most important and fascinating regions of the country and preserve the profound meaning of our production philosophy: a strong responsibility towards a territory highly suited to viticulture.
Our vineyards, whose soil is made of limestone and clay, white marls and a hard and compact gray clay substrate, that impart specific characteristics to our wines, whose nuances are related to the specific geological transformations through the centuries.

Our wines are the result of the unique combination between soil and microclimate, culture and hard manual-work, oenological science and the winemaker skill.

Traveling around the world we have experienced great terroirs highly suited as well to the wine production, each one with its own unique and specific characteristics. Whether it is a native or international grape variety, the different terroirs, the local traditions of each countries, the longitudes and the latitudes, all this elements make the unique tastes.
Only respecting those differences and combining the memory of tradition with modern technologies, is possible to produce great wines.